Creditor’s Remedies, Including Foreclosure

Collecting Debts

Gehlen Dabbs Cash LLP assists creditors in enforcing and collecting debts owed to them, from demand and negotiation, through judgment, to execution. We conduct examinations in aid of execution, levy garnishments of wages or accounts, and work with bailiffs in seizing and selling assets. Throughout the collection process, we emphasize practical, cost-effective solutions to maximize the net benefit to our clients.


We act for lenders and debtors in a wide array of foreclosures, from simple residential foreclosures to complex commercial situations involving numerous parties with competing securities and priority disputes.

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Our lawyers are experienced and pragmatic problem solvers with expertise advising and representing clients in commercial litigation and insolvency matters.

Geoffrey H. Dabbs


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Gregory J. Gehlen

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Jacob J. Gehlen


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Lee J. Marriner


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