Commercial Disputes

We work with businesses and individuals to resolve all manner of disputes that arise in a commercial context, such as breaches of contract and director’s liabilities. We have represented clients in commercial disputes in all levels of court in British Columbia as well as the Supreme Court of Canada, Federal Court and other boards and tribunals including the Human Rights Tribunal.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholders of a corporation find themselves in an ongoing, long-term relationship, and disagreements can emerge as new situations and problems are encountered over the course of that relationship. These disagreements can quickly become a significant obstacle to the corporation’s success or even survival, and unravelling them can be difficult. Many elements can come into play: there may be a shareholders’ agreement that deals with the dispute; the articles of the corporation may be relevant; and the Business Corporations Act creates opportunities for both resolving and prolonging disputes.

Gehlen Dabbs Cash LLP acts for shareholders in such disputes, providing legal and strategic advice aimed at achieving our clients’ objectives.

Commercial Lease Disputes

When a commercial tenant defaults on its obligations, the landlord faces a number of possible actions, and a misstep can allow the tenant to escape its obligations. Should the landlord seize the tenant’s goods, or terminate the lease? What steps must the landlord take to recover possession of the premises, while still holding the tenant responsible for the balance of the lease payments? How does the bankruptcy of the tenant affect the landlord’s rights?

We regularly advise landlords on these matters, helping maximize the landlord’s recovery and putting the premises back to productive use as soon as possible.

Assessment of Professional Fees

Gehlen Dabbs Cash LLP also acts in disputes involving fees of professionals such as lawyers, in some cases on behalf of the professional and in others on behalf of the client. In such disputes, practical advice is critical to resolving the dispute in a cost-effective way.

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