Another logging company announces cutbacks

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Amid continuing weakness in lumber markets, Teal-Jones recently announced a halt in all logging on the B.C. Coast including under a significant timber farm licence in the Fraser Valley and Honeymoon Bay. As the company’s news release acknowledged, this halt “will result in substantial loss of employment for the company’s forestry employees and contractors. In addition, the reduction of fibre flowing to Teal’s milling operations will result in downtime and lost wages at the company’s lumber, shake and shingle mills in Surrey, BC.”

Teal-Jones’ announcement follows on the heels of other similar announcements, including Interfor’s recent announcement of permanent closure of their Hammond sawmill in Maple Ridge.

In addition to the impact on employees, such shrinkage in the overall forestry industry affects sub-contractors and secondary businesses such as restaurants and other retailers which indirectly rely on the economic activity generated by well-paying forestry jobs. Reacting to such headwinds requires forward thinking and expertise, including legal advice.

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